The Royal Ambassadors is the name of a Baptist organization for boys between the ages 10 and 24-an international missionary organization found in the following continent; African, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

The Royal Ambassador worldwide started in 1908 the United States of America among the Brotherhood Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), USA. The Royal Ambassadors recently celebrated its centenary in 2008. The Royal Ambassadors is also paramilitary organization.

The Royal Ambassadors in Nigeria is called Royal Ambassador of Nigeria (RAN) and was founded in Nigeria in the 1920’s by the southern Baptist convention (SBC), USA; and came to Nigeria as one of the world’s leading organization for Boys. The Royal Ambassadors was sponsored by the women’s Missionary Union until 1954 when it was proposed that the Men of the Nigerian Baptist Convention took over the work of the Royal Ambassadors in Nigeria. The situation that led to the proposal of Men and Boy’s Department in 1961 which served both men and boys, then later became the defuct Men’s Missionary Union and Youths Department, now known as Missionary Organisations Departmment since 1998.



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